Olaplex is a new revolutionary salon service that repairs bonds before it can combine with oxygen and eat away at the protein of your hair, which can lead to damage and breakage. Keeping these bonds intact will restore, maintain and protect the integrity of your hair.

Olaplex is versatile and protects all types of hair—straight, curly, coarse or fine. From damage caused by all chemicals, colours and lighteners, irrespective of brand or type of product. This means that, no matter who you are, you can have the hair you’ve always wanted. I’ts a revolutionary new salon applied treatment that allows you to go bright, go bold.


Micro Keratin

Micro Keratin is the most advanced and revolutionary hair treatment in the world. Keratin is known to be the most dominant protein within the hair and is responsible for maintaining strong, soft and shiny hair. Micro Kertin leaves your hair vibrant and healthy like you have always dreamed of.

Micro Keratin Aftercare

There are mostly organic ingredients being used and free of harsh chemical sand toxins. This treatment can last up to six months if you use the other Micro Keratin products along side it.


Ethnic Hair

Come and get the latest Ethnic Hair styles here at Sara’s Hair and Beauty. Whether you want to have braiding done, get your hair relaxed or wash and style your wig – we do it all! Services provided include: Braiding of natural Hair, Relaxers, Brazil Cacau Anti-Frizz Treatments, Repair Treatments, Haircuts, Shaves(cheesekop), Blowwaves and Perms. Braiding with synthetic extensions can be done – provided you supply your own. 100% Brazillian Weaves available on request. Booking for braiding is essential.



From loose perms, to tight pin curls and waves we do it all. Perms don’t need to be an old woman hairstyle anymore with our different styling and looks. If you want that curled look without the fuss of having to curl your hair everyday then perms are for you. They can also increase the strength and promote the growth of your hair.